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Weekly Meeting #27

Rotaract weekly meeting at Haru

Meeting Minutes

[Ken explain Stop Hunger]
.this (26th May ) next Sunday gotong-royong 6.30 to 9.30
.Ken will ask group and do head count

[MC – Kinabalu South]
.Jonathan will get in touch with Yvonne for MC Advisory club Kinabalu South

[Mud Ball Project]
.Daniel and Jonathan to follow up, ask JCI people, access situation and see what’s the result of this project so far (this project was initiated by schools for a period of time)

Jonathan house BURGER FEST (6pm @ 20th Sunday)
.invite a few friends, purely for fellowship
.I bring beers Tiger & ice & all drinks related!
.costing all shared among attendance

start meeting at 8:40pm
meeting gao dim at 9:30pm

Venue: HARU Cafe

Li Ping